RECAP: Suwanee Health and Fitness Festival

RECAP: Suwanee Health and Fitness Festival

This past Saturday was a great event. Although I woke up extremely late (8am - setup was at 6:30 am), I was still able to get my setup done - thanks to my hubby and daughter.

It turns out the event organizer was a family friend of ours. He used to be my husband's physical trainer and this was his first year of running the event. It was filled with kid's 3k, adult 5k, zumba, children's obstacle courses, hula hoop demonstrations and an aerial rope dancer. That was a mouthful. There were plenty of vendors there related to everything health. I can foresee this being a great reoccurring event for years to come.

The only downside was the rain that came and washed us away around 2:30 pm. But all in all, it was great to market my products to my local community and network with the other vendors.


Our top sellers this weekend were our scrubs and body oils. Oh you didn't know we offer body oils. We just started offering them to layer the soap and butter products and we are getting great reviews.

We have a few of the Peppermint and Man Cave Body oils available. You can snatch one up from the website here and here.

Suwanee Health and Fitness Festival

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