It is not unlike yours. I have eczema much like some of the Tribe I help today. But how I got it may shock you.

One day I woke up fine, then later on in the day I got a patch of hives on the inside of my arm. I went from itching there to itching all over my body. It felt like I was on fire. I went to the emergency room but was sent home after getting a steroid shot. The hives flared up the very next day. I ended up in the ER again, only this time my throat almost closed while I was waiting on a hospital bed in the hallway. It was a scary weekend for me. To this day, we do not know what caused the eczema to surface. But I am well aware of what can flare it up now.

To lessen my flare up, I was prescribed to use Dove Soap and all things non fragrance and non comedogenic. I did that for awhile, but was always dry after using this product. I was previously a Bath and Body works junkie. (Sweet Pea me please). Anyway, I went to Whole Foods one day to purchase a natural soap and loved it after using it. I was curious about how it was made so I did some research on the product I purchased. After looking over very limited information (circa 2005), I wanted to make my own soap. I got brave enough and made a batch, but was not satisfied with my product. In the end, I found a local soap maker to teach my how to make soap. After that lesson, I have never stopped making soap. That was 15 yrs ago.

To sum all this up - you didn't just stumble upon our website and entrust us with your email so we could send you junk. NO. You are now in the hands of someone who has lived it and walk it and is now giving what I have learned to you. So that you can either treat your skin or continue to improve upon your skin. 

Either way - you are in the right place.