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David C.
Awesome quality as always

Awesome quality as always

Thank you choosing Shea Bath for your skincare needs.

Peppermint pick me up!

I'm deeply in love with the peppermint fragrance of soap you provide. The shower gel was something I always wanted to try, thankful that I had the opportunity to do so. It has the same consistency as the bar just in a shower ge form. It's lather is full with the peppermint scent to boast circulation and open pours. I love the tingling sensations and the wake up feeling. No sticky feel to it. Thank you for creating this special gem.!!! Sheabath for the win!!!

Wow. Thank you so much for choosing Shea Bath for your skincare needs and your continued support!

Brandi R.
I love it!!!

I love how natural this shower gel is and the smell omg!!!! You have a customer for life

Wow. Thank you for your support and choosing Shea Bath products for you skincare needs.

Cheryl K.
Heaven in a shower

As with the Shea Bath soap, the shower gel leaves your skin feeling clean and soft not dry. For someone who has suffered with dry, itchy skin their entire life, this is a miracle! I love my Shea Bath!!! Thank you Diana!

I take Heaven in a Shower any day! :) Thank you for continuing to choose Shea Bath for your skincare needs.

Renee W.
Lavender Love

Lavender Martini is one of my favorite scents ever. The addition of shower gel to your product line up has only enhanced the experience.

Ayee Ayee. I love the lavender martini scent also. The shower gel has been a long time coming and we are so glad you love it.

If you love our handmade bar soap and wish that your favorite scent came in a shower gel. Well now it does!

After 3 years of research and testing, we now have a shower gel that we know you are going to love. 

Made with glycerin, water, saponified oils of sunflower, coconut, castor and fragrance oil. This shower gel will moisturize and not strip your skin of its precious natural oils.

To be used in the shower with a sponge pouf or washcloth; also can be used as hand wash.

Limited 16 oz bottles available.

Picture is not to scale.

Liquid texture/viscosity may vary from product to product.

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